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Zelinda BakerZelinda Baker

I love Kenheaven Animal Hospital, each time o visit the staff is always courtesy, kind and very knowledgeable.
Thank you

Elizabeth DirginsElizabeth Dirgins

We have been going to Kenhaven for 9 years. The staff and vets are warm, professional, calm and knowledgeable. They will call to check on your pet, and during our dog's final days were a huge support to us. We feel very lucky to have found them.

Laurel AustinLaurel Austin

This was our first visit and it was EXCELLENT! We are so impressed and happy with everyone! Thank you!

Tracey HenleyTracey Henley

My family has used Kenhaven for years. They provide attentive, kind, and professional animal medical care. I highly recommend them.

Megan KeisterMegan Keister

I have tremendous confidence in the staff of Kenhaven Animal Hospital. Over the last 20 years I have had four dogs, all of whom have received competent, compassionate care at all stages of their lives at Kenhaven. I highly recommend this animal hospital!

Heather MillerHeather Miller

I love the care that our cats receive at Kenhaven. Dr. Manzoor is wonderful and the staff are knowledgeable and caring. This is the only vet we've taken our cats to since we adopted them 13 years ago. Highly recommend!

Jessica CastilloJessica Castillo

Love Kenhaven and the staff. They’ve always provided my pets excellent service. Their doors are always open when I need them. Thanks for everything!

Elizabeth D.Elizabeth D.

Kenhaven came to us through Lab Rescue, where we have adopted three dogs. All three of them have been under care and grooming at Kenhaven, and I cannot...

Sammie ShelbySammie Shelby

We are new in the area and found kenhaven in walking distance of our house and we love it lots of help. 2 paws up from Shelby �

Carrie KendrickCarrie Kendrick

Great vet practice, my 3 cats hate going,but...I am pleased with them. I have recommended it to a few other pet parents as well.

Bill PendzukBill Pendzuk

Quick service. Knowledgeable doctors. Do NOT over charge. Offer discounts for repeat business. Spot on when they offer advice on pet's recovery period. Very much like family. Just need more PARKING. lol

Nancy RichmanNancy Richman

I have used Kenhaven for years. Even though it's hard to get my cats into carrying crates, I don't want to change to at home vet. the care we have received from the vets and the technicians has been excellent. I think they are the best vet I have worked with for any cats I have had.

Terri VanHoutenTerri VanHouten

We used to have a pekingnese when I was a teen. We always took him to Kenhaven. They were so good.

Merla MathenyMerla Matheny

I have been going to Kenhaven since early 70s and have been very satisfied! If i have had any issued, it has been addressed promptly. I definitely recommend the doctors!!

Edward FoskeyEdward Foskey


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