Cute Things Your Cat Will Do Over the Holidays

The holiday season is finally upon us. Many of us are more than happy to say ‘Adios’ to 2020, even if we will be winding down the year with a bit less fanfare than usual. However, there will still be plenty of people spending quality time with loved ones, and enjoying seasonal foods and events. Your feline pal will also proceed with her own kitty traditions. A Rockville, MD veterinarian lists some of the things on Fluffy’s agenda below.

Tree Shenanigans

At this time of year, millions of kitties are eyeing beautifully decorated trees with bright eyes and bushy tails. Fluffy has definitely brought a few of those trees down in her day. This can actually be quite dangerous! Curb your furball’s intions by decorating the lower branches of the tree sparingly, with only a few unbreakable items.

Play With New Gifts

For many of us, giving gifts is much better than receiving them. For cats? Not so much. Fill Fluffy’s stocking with classic kitty gifts, like catnip mice, treats, and wand toys. Beds, pet furniture, and cat grass also make great presents.

Box Jumping

Fluffy’s box obsession is one of her cutest quirks. Give your furball some empty ones to play in! 

Help With Chores

Many kitties are pretty pampered, and spend their days napping and looking cute. Fluffy is very grateful for all the love, care, and catnip you give her, and will thoughtfully try to repay you by helping around the house. She may also assist with seasonal tasks like wrapping gifts, hanging decorations, and cooking.


No matter what day it is, Fluffy will dutifully stick to her vigorous daily napping schedule. Don’t be surprised if you find your furry buddy snoozing beneath the tree. After all, kitties are precious gifts!


Our feline buddies like to pretend that they are very aloof and independent, and they really are quite easy keepers. That’s one reason they make such great pets! However, at the end of the day, Fluffy actually is very affectionate, and is always happiest when she feels loved and safe. Your kitty may very well like to snuggle up with you as you’re relaxing or watching TV. That’s truly a perfect way to enjoy a quiet night at home! 

Happy Holidays from Kenhaven Animal Hospital! Please contact us if ever we can be of assistance. 

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