Keeping Your Cat Indoors

Cats are known for being independent, but these cuddly little furballs aren’t quite as self-sufficient as they would like us to think. In fact, Fluffy is actually very vulnerable! That’s why we recommend that kitties live indoors, where they are safe from dangers posed by cars, predators, weather, and other hazards. However, your feline pal may not see it that way. Here, a Rockville, MD vet offers some helpful tips on keeping your kitty inside.

Make The Indoor Life Fun

Even former stray cats can eventually lose all desire to go out. The trick is to make the indoor life fun, exciting, and comfortable for your kitty. Set out lots of cozy pet beds and napping spots, and give her some furniture to climb and explore. Offer your furry pal a taste of nature by setting some pet-safe plants out around your place. (Tip: check the ASPCA site here for suggestions.) Or, better yet, turn a spare room or enclosed porch into a catio. We also recommend playing with your cat daily. This will satisfy Fluffy’s innate urge to pounce on things, and give her a good workout.

Make The Door Unappealing

Never punish your cat for trying to get out: this may just make her even more determined to escape! Trickery is a much better tactic. The next time you see your furball sniffing around the door, do something that will annoy her. Loud noises usually do the trick. Bang two pans together, sound a bike horn, or rattle a jar of change. You can also squirt your pet with water. Fluffy won’t be hurt, but the unpleasant surprise may make her wary of the door.

Stick to the Rules

If you want to keep your cat in, you’ll need to stick to your house rules. If you give in and let Fluffy out one day, don’t be surprised if she meows at the door the next day.

Last Resorts

No luck? As the saying says, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Consider training Fluffy to walk on a leash. This is a great way to let her get some fresh air. If you have a yard, you can even build her a screened enclosure, so she can safely enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Please feel free to call us, your Rockville, MD vet, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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