Early Signs of Arthritis In Dogs

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments we see in our canine patients. This painful condition affects both people and pets. As Fido ages, his tendons and ligaments lose elasticity, which can cause his bones to rub together. While arthritis can’t be cured, there are ways to manage it. In fact, there are now some wonderful treatments that can increase arthritic pets’ mobility, reduce their pain, and give them a better quality of life. However, it’s always best to treat medical issues early on, so you’ll want to address the issue as soon as you see warning signs. Read on as a local Rockville, MD vet lists some of the most common symptoms of arthritis in dogs.


Limping may very well be the first indication of trouble. At first, Fido may only limp a little bit, usually when he first gets up. However, as his condition progresses, the limp will get worse.


Your pet may not be as bouncy or flexible as he once was. He may move more slowly than he once did. You may also notice your canine pal walking more slowly, or with a different gait.

Reduced Interest In Play

Arthritis can really put a damper on Fido’s playful antics. If your furry buddy’s favorite toys are gathering dust, arthritis could be to blame. Your pup may also become lethargic, and spend more and more time sleeping.

Mobility Issues

Dogs with arthritis often have trouble getting around. Simple daily activities, like climbing stairs, getting in and out of the car, and jumping on and off beds and couches, may become increasingly difficult for Fido. You may also notice him having a hard time getting up and down.


Dogs often instinctively lick or nibble at sore spots. If you see your furry pal worrying at a specific spot—particularly his leg, paw, or the base of his tail—he may be developing arthritis. Fido may also become extra sensitive in certain areas, and may flinch or move away when you touch those spots.


Pain isn’t much of a mood boost for anyone. Your canine buddy may seem morose, distant, or grumpy if arthritis is bothering him.

Do you know or suspect that your dog has arthritis? Contact us, your local Rockville, MD vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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