Super Cute New Year’s Resolutions for Kitties

Happy New Year! Are you setting goals for 2019? If so, your kitty will be right there with you, supervising you and being adorable as you strive to meet your goals. As it turns out, Fluffy may actually have a few goals in mind for herself. A local North Bethesda, MD vet lists some adorable kitty resolutions below.

Get Lots Of Sleep

Your feline pal probably won’t have a hard time meeting this goal. In fact, Fluffy will probably sleep through most of 2019. She may also vow to try different napping spots, or expand her repertoire of sleeping positions.

Look My Best

Did you know that cats can spend as much as a third of their waking time grooming themselves? Your furry little diva will definitely put some effort into keeping her fur looking soft and shiny this year.

Purrfect My Pounce

Your furball may not do much other than lounge around looking cute, but she’s actually a fierce predator by nature. Fluffy will prove this by relentlessly attacking a fuzzy catnip mouse.

Supervise My Human

Cats like to keep a close eye on their human buddies. Fluffy may follow you from room to room, and may paw or meow at the door if you don’t let her in.

Catch That Red Dot

Our frisky feline friends have been chasing that elusive red spot for years. Maybe 2019 will be the year Fluffy finally catches her mysterious prey!

Soak Up Some Sun

Do you sometimes find your furball snoozing in a sunbeam? We can assure you that cats don’t really run on solar power. However, sunlight does seem to charge their ‘catteries.’

Make People Laugh

One great thing about cats is the fact that they do provide us with live entertainment. We’re guessing your furball will put quite a few smiles on your face this year!


Kitties are extremely curious. Your nosy little pet will check out whatever you come home with after going shopping. She may also jump into any boxes you bring home.

Be Adorable!

Fluffy won’t have a hard time making this goal. Cats are almost impossibly cute, and just have a way of melting our hearts with their furry faces, lovable meows, and hilarious antics.

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