6 Great Holiday Gifts for Fido

Are you still working on your holiday shopping? It isn’t always easy finding the right gifts for people. We probably aren’t much help with choosing gifts for your friends and family. However, we do have some ideas for things you can get your dog! A Rockville, MD vet lists some great options below.


A comfy new doggy bed would be a great gift for your canine companion. If Fido is a large breed or senior, consider getting him an orthopedic bed. Pups with thin coats, on the other hand, may appreciate heated beds.


Toys are obviously really fun for Fido. In fact, giving your pet a new toy can be just as entertaining for you as it is for him! Offer your pup some fun new playthings. While you’re at it, take time to go through your furry buddy’s toybox. Remove or discard anything that is old or worn.


If Fido was able to make a doggy wish list, treats may very well be at the top of it. Store-bought treats are fine, though we do recommend sticking to healthier brands. (Tip: read the label, and select products that list mostly meat, fish, or poultry.) You can also make your canine pal some homemade snacks. Look online for recipes that use dog-friendly ingredients, like shredded meat; cheese; eggs; wheat germ oil; plain yogurt; peanut butter; and, of course, bacon.

Obedience School

Does your furry pal need to work on his petiquette? Sign Fido up for doggy obedience school. Many dogs actually enjoy learning new things. Plus, you get to enjoy a better-behaved pet. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Doggy Jacket

Dogs with thin fur often have a hard time staying warm when it gets really chilly out. Offer your pup a comfy jacket to wear on frigid days. Don’t put your pet in anything with small parts, dangling ropes or threads, or zippers. Anything that restricts Fido’s vision or movements, or is tight, hot, or itchy, should also be avoided.

Pupscription Boxes

Did you know that you can sign Fido up for a doggy subscription box? Every month, your pooch will get his very own box of goodies in the mail. This is a great option for dogs that go thorough toys quickly!

Happy Holidays! Please feel free to contact us, your local Rockville, MD vet clinic, anytime.

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